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World Mental health day

Access to mental health services for GBV survivors is not just a matter of compassion or good practice; it is fundamentally a matter of human rights, as it encompasses the following rights and freedoms:

1. Right to Life

2. Freedom from Torture and Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

3. Right to Privacy and Dignity

4. Right to Non-Discrimination

5. Right to Legal Remedies

6. Right to Participate in Society

Further, access to mental health services prevents further violence in that when the mental health needs of survivors are addressed, the risk of further revitalization is reduced; by supporting survivors in their recovery and empowerment, Society can work towards dismantling the structural inequalities that underpin GBV.

Be someone’s safe space, end the stigma.

Mental Health Awareness Day Oct 10th, 2023. Access to the right to mental health services for all.


Picture by World Health Organization (WHO)

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